David, Elliott and I decided that we wanted a resource where the newest players among us, those returning to the game, or people looking to enter the competitive scene for the first time could get real, tangible answers.  Answers that were not only focused on being wholly accurate, but also answers that new players could learn and digest, without being told to “git gud noob”.

We wanted a site, and a community tool that allowed players to ask any questions, free of being concerned about silly responses or being made fun of.  We wanted a place where players would have some folks readily available to answer their questions, and we wanted those answers to be focused on growing the community and developing players, two things the Privateer Press Press Gang are specifically charged with.

But more than just answering questions, and pointing out rules interactions, we wanted to be able to develop a friendship with you. We wanted to make sure that regardless of your age in the game, you had a friend in the Press Gang that was more than happy to help.  While we cannot be there in person most of the time, we certainly will support you remotely.

We wanted this, the sum of this, which is the Facebook Group, the Blog, the Twitter and youtube channels, to be a comprehensive experience that is constantly evolving to meet your needs and wants, and assist you in growing in the game. Whether it’s your first Journeyman League, or your first tournament, or even your first game you have ever played beyond your battle-box, we want to ensure that you get as much enjoyment out of this hobby as we have.

You will notice that content will regularly update on this blog, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We will post reminders in the FB group and we encourage discussion and feedback. We want to know how we can help, and what we can do to make the game and even better experience for you than it already is.

So look for updates, and look for more than just David, Elliot, and I providing content.  We have articles being written from some of the best players in the world, players like Bret Fogle, an extremely well accomplished player and member of the World Team Championship USA team has already written content and allowing us to share it.

Thank you for joining us, and thank you for reading.  I hope we can provide meaningful content in a way that is both actionable and enjoyable, and as always, provide feedback when something doesn’t make sense.  While we try to get things right the first time, we aren’t perfect, and mistakes can be made.

So there it is, thats us;  Thats the community of Warmachine and hordes for beginners.  Like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, email us any comments, thoughts and ideas, and watch for new content on the blog, as well as painting tips and other tutorials on our youtube channel.

Thanks for Joining us, now go wreck some iron!

Scott Taylor