-By: Elliott (PG_E2lio2tR)


So, at the start of this blog we talked about Trollbloods being used in a Journeyman league and how to design for that. While I still stand by what was said in that post, that was more aimed at a new player to the game and the faction who is using the JML as a starting point to learning and to start their army and collection of models. This is more of a report about how I am building for the one I am playing in now as someone who has played the game for several years (about a decade actually) and has been playing the faction for a few months. I will be using models I have access too and a week by week breakdown about what I learned and what I plan to do the next week. I will also be switching to a new caster when it comes time to do so. My hope is to help show new players how they can start taking what they learn from one week and use it to help design their lists as it grows and adapt from the experience as well as showing that this can be a style of league to experiment with other units and solos that you will not normally consider. With the slow grow style of it, you will need to add things that would normally be overlooked while building a 75 point list without restrictions. So here we go.

Week One (Battle Box):

Game vs Khador.

img_0997Ok this was a rough game. The Trollblood battle box has issues with high armor. Between trying to cycle Pulverizer between the Impaler and Axer, I was still not able to destroy one of his warjacks. I know it was an uphill battle this week but I did not expect to feel like I had no real answer for that question. I feel like this week was really just there to get ready for next week.

I like the new warlock, Ragnor. He, however, does not really mesh well with my style of play at this point. It is not that he is not a good Warlock. Its that he asks questions that I think others would do better for me asking or answers questions that I find others can do as well but give a few more options. I will be switching to another caster when I have the chance but I am not sure which one yet.

What I learned from this week is that I need a way to mitigate high ARM targets (namely Warjacks since we are a WM heavy meta at this time). For this reason I will be adding a Slag troll for week 2. This will use all of my points I am allowed to add this week. Between the spray and its fists having erosion and access to Assault, I can get a few good attacks in with 3d6 if not more. It will also be a prime target for Pulverizer when needed. I also feel like four warbeasts may produce so much Fury that it could be a bit much for Ragnor or any future Warlock I might switch to to be able to manage. The use of a Slag troll will allow me to take Horgle in later weeks to switch it to and reduce the Fury strain on my Warlock. When I switch to another Warlock and lose access to Pulverizer, Hot shot would be a good thing to put on the Slag to help the sprays get boosted damage rolls from ranged attacks (including the Assault attack) as well as the additional die from Erosion on Warjacks. But this is for a later week.

Week Two (10 points, must be used on a beast)

Added: Slag Troll

Game vs Menoth


Yep. Armor still tricky for this box. The Slag helped out but it still feels like it needs some help in the armor punching side. The Slag was the right choice because it gives me options and when applied right it helps. The issue I had was thet model I was able to get it in combat with, had a shield that pushed the Slag away after one hit. Kind of limits the impact of it. This was honestly more of my screw up then the models and will need to work on that.

Fury was starting to be an issue as well. I was not able to push all of my beasts as far as I wanted to at times because I would not be able to get all the Fury off of them the next round if I did. I will need to plan to solve that issue one way or another in the coming weeks.

So how do I plan to expand to next week? With 15 points I have some room to play but not too much. This is the week I start to plan which caster I will switch to in two weeks. The reason behind doing it this early is because the choices I make now need to work with that caster as well as Ragnor. For example, if I were to pick Borka1, I would not be able to use a Runebearer since Borka already has a caster attachment with him. So, I have narrowed it down to two choices: Calandra and Madrak2. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each:


  1. Star cross would allow the army to have an additional level protection. Turns the list a bit more into an attrition style then a aggressive style army
  2. Can handle the fury load of the beast loadout I need to stick to.  High Fury Stat and Soothing song helps with this issue
  3. Fate-bless can help fix damage and attack rolls of other models in the army. Same with the feat


  1. Beast points is 3 less the Ragnor. This would eat into my additional army points for the rest of the army
  2. Relies a lot on the rest of the army to do the work
  3. One of the attack/damage requires her to not use Fury to cast spells and could eat into transfer resources
  4. Squishy DEF/ARM stat



  1. Blood Fury can help with damaging other models
  2. Gives his battle group Relentless Charge. This would help speed up the battle group
  3. Feat can help clear more models
  4. Able to do work on his own


  1. Lower Fury stat then Ragnor. Hurts with the Fury generation and management of battlegroup
  2. Troops in list would be doing double duty. Needing to cause damage to the other army and be used as Grim Salvation targets for Madrak2.
  3. Beast points is 2 less the Ragnor. This would eat into my additional army points for the rest of the army
  4. 4.) Some of the models needed to help a Madrak2 list, I do not have in my collection yet (waiting for an order to arrive with them and they will not be ready before the next week or later in the league due to assembly & painting time.. Totally different story).

Ok so there are my two choices and the pros and cons of each. Now, while part of me thinks Calandra may be the smart choice to pick right now, Madrak2 is the one I am going with. I have been wanting to give him a try and see if he would make for a good pair with my other main list. I can use this JML as a testing ground for how he works and what he needs to have a fully functional and balanced army.

img_0999Now, with that choice made, it is time to pick out what to add this week to the list. The first thing that I am going to add is Horgle Ironstrike (Horgle1). For his mandatory beast (all Jr. casters must have one attached to them), I am going to move the Slag troll from the Main battlegroup to his. By doing this I ease the Fury managment off of my main caster. Neither Ragnor  nor Madrak2 have a solid way to deal with a large battle group and the amount of Fury it can produce. By moving the Slag over to Horgle, that is three Fury that is now handled on its own and will not need to limit what the Beasts in the main battle group does out of fear of Frenzying because of teh inability to remove all the Fury generated. It also gives me a small Flanking force that can go off on its own and hit what I need it to.

The next thing I am adding is a minimum unit of Fennblades. Although I prefer taking this unit in its max size with the CA, this is the first step to adding that in during this process. This will be my main unit for the rest of the league once I get it fully up and going (talk to me in week4). The idea is mostly built around Madrak2, his spells and his feat. This week is really about preparing for that stage. With these two additions, I will be playing two points down. This is ok because when I switch Warlocks, I will have two less Beast point, so those 2 extra points will go there next week.