-By: Elliott (PG_E2lio2tR)

So last time we talked about the first two weeks of the league. Today we will talk about weeks 3 & 4. So, let’s see what happens.

Week 3 (add 15 points)

Game vs:  Convergence

Added: Horgle1 and min Fennblades


Well that was a hard fight to win. The Slag did the brunt of the work thanks to Erosion. That one rule seemed to be the key to most of the fight. I was able to use it to do as much damage as possible and make up for what auto repair and the Galvanizer can remove. I swear, it was like I did enough damage to remove two more Vectors then I did. The actual number of Vectors removed was…. One… that I had to kill off twice because of Reconstruct.

The Fennblades did as well as a min unit of Fennblades do. They acted as a bit of a tarpit but really this unit needs to be at max size with the CA to feel useful to me. More on this though when we get to what we are adding next week.

Adding Horgle1 and moving the Slag over to him did a lot of good for the list. The Slag was able to do its thing without putting a burden on Ragnor and his battle group. It mad Fury managment easier to deal with and allowed the Axer and Impaler the space to do what they are meant to do. Horgle was actually the one who closed out the game with the assassination. For his points he did amazingly well.


Ok now what to do with the coming week? Well, we have a massive pump up in points from 25 to 50 and being allowed to switch casters. As we talked about in last weeks section, I will be switching to Madrak2 so that part is easy. Also, because I left 2 points not being used from last week’s build, the drop in Warbeast points does not affect my added points for this week, so I have the full 25 additional points to play with. The first thing I know I have to do is bump the Fennblades up to their max size and add their CA. They are going to become my main Blood Fury targets for this week at least, and I want them to get as many swings in as I can with it. Bringing the unit up to 11 models with attacks and giving them all Cleve means I have the potential to have 22 attacks that are causing 3d6+12 damage rolls. Not to bad. I know that in reality that will not happen often but the attacks that do go in will have more impact and hopefully help with cracking armor.

My next addition to the list will be the classic Fell Caller solo. This guy is going in purely to support the Fennblades a bit more. He will be able to give them one of two buffs he has access to or make knocked down models stand up for free so I don’t have to sacrifice their movement or attack that turn. He can do some work if push comes to shove but his focus will be support.


Now that the Fennblades are supported, I need to help my beasts and Madrak with their threat range some. This is where Lanyssa Ryssyl comes in. This will give me access to Hunter’s Mark to help speed Madrak and the Fennblades up and allow beasts to charge without spending a Fury point to do so. I do have access to Rush in this list but that would use resources that I would rather use for more attacks, and Madrak gives his beasts Pathfinder on their charge movement as well. When Hunter’s Mark is not useful (like everything is in combat) then I will have a ranged spell attack I can add to the mix.

Now for the last thing that I am going to add this week I am again stuck between two choices, the Dhunian Knot and a min unit of the Krielstone. The Knot would be to give the army access to Puppet strings for the reroll. With so few attacks I want the ones that matter to hit and to re roll hits on friendly models during Feat turn as well. They will also allow me to reroll Threshold checks. WIth three beasts in the battle group, Madrak may have some issue pulling all the Fury off that is generated. It would also allow me a way to heal models as needed. The Stone unit on the other hand would really be there solely for a Grim Salvation target for Madrak2 . He would have a hard time fueling it the way it should. What is a possibility is to put 4 Fury on it turn one and sit on just one for turn one. During turn two cast, the upkeep spells that I would normally put out turn one (and that would use his whole stack as well). During feat turn, Madrak can have an excess of Fury that can be dumped onto the stone as well. I think for this week and what the army will need in terms of support, the Stone will be going into the list. While the Knot may do a lot of the list, right now there are not enough targets for Puppet Strings. The Stone will act as a way to shunt damage away from Madrak2 since he will be sitting so close to the front ranks and will be easier to hit. Since his Fury stack will be low to non existent most turns, this will be one of the few ways to keep him safe. Now the Knot may end up in the list later down the line, but for now the protection that the stone can give is kind of needed.

Week 4 (add 25 points)

Game vs:  Khador

Added: Fennblades to max & add UA, Fell Caller, Lynessa and min Stone unit

Well, Madrak2 is an interesting Warlock to say the least. On feat turn, he killed eleven Iron Fang pikemen and was able to move along the chain to get an unexpected assassination on Butcher1. He may seem rather straightforward, but it is all about timing with Madrak2. You need to make sure you have everything lined up for his feat turn.

Shifting Blood Fury around from the Fennblades to Madrak is a nice trick as well. They act as effectively weapon masters with a P+S 12 this way and can lay down some damage. They are good for going into troops or jacks. They act as a core for the list. Yes, Madrak can do a lot of work on his feat turn, but the Fennblades do the work during the other turns.


The core of the army works well. It needs a few more tweaks in coming weeks to help it fully gel. Since this is a fun league, I will also look into models that I normally wouldn’t. So with that, let’s start planning for next week. I have 15 points to play with this week. I could go heavy on support models to amp up the Fennblades more but I am worried that support bloat would make it too lopsided in play. My goal for this week is to add a unit that can act independently from most of the support in the army right now and boost the stone unit so that I can make it do a little more work for me.

Let’s start with the stone first since that will be a quick thing to do. The plan here is rather simple. I add the Stone Scribe Elder CA to the unit. Since the min sized unit is just four models, adding this one will allow me to drop Madrak whole Fury stack turn one on it and let it just do what it needs to do the rest of the game. The third model is another one I can have damaged shunted to from Madrak as well. It also will give me some options with the three abilities it adds to the Protective Aura.  Not really all that bad for the point cost. It is a small addition but can have an interesting impact on the army as a whole.

So with 12 points left, I have a choice on what I want to add. I can add a unit of Fire Eaters (FE) and a Stone Scribe Chronicler (SSC). The issue I see with this is that the SSC would really just be another buff for the Fennblades and the FE do not have the support that they need in order to light themselves on fire for the boosted rolls. The most common way to do this is to add a Pyre troll to the army. Unfortunately, this model is not in my collection at this time. So for now this option is out.


So, what I need is a unit that can be hard hitting and does not need much support. This is the oddball choice I am going to make, the Sons of Bragg. I am one of those crazy players that actually rather like them. Since they come stock with their own Fell Calls, the Fell Caller can focus on the Fennblades and Madrak with his. They are Weapon Masters of the box so Blood Fury can be placed elsewhere, unless you really want them to crank the damage. Adding this unit in this type of format allows me to increase my damage output while fitting in the restricted points. I am now one point under so I will have a bit more room to play next week.