-By: Richard Brown.

image02This caster is one of a few credible arm crackers in legion, his role has large been eclipsed by Abby 2 but he still has a few good tricks in this article we will examine those.


Special rules


This rule allows him to fill up to fury 7 every turn even if enough wasn’t on the board, this is a good rule, not one you will use often but can allow him to play into the late game if your heavies have been destroyed.

Blood Spawn

Once per game after he has sufferd damage he puts a lesser into play. One of the best options is a harrier if he is being meleed as it will give him an effective defense bonus due to the harriers annoyance rule, it also is another 13 boxes he can transfer to, not an amazing rule but decent.


His stat line is a 13/17 with tough and blood spawn, he is not as survivable as his previous incarnation as he longer as his free animus so you must take more care to protect him, he does have two boxes so with any sort of arm buff he can be fairly survibable. He is not a front  line caster if you play him like one he will die period.

Spell list.

Dragons Blood

+2 arm and if you disable a model that this spell is affecting the attacker will be corroded. This does affect single models as well as units. You will always cast this spell but its usefulness is debatable it will start out on a piece you want to deliver then you will switch it to him

Flesh eater

Cost 3 range 10  pow 13 nuke when a liveng enemy model is damged you can remove 1d3 damage points from a beast in your battle group.  Its his crappy nuke a magical ranged attack if you have no other.

Manifest destiny

While in his control area models in his battle group get an additional die on melee attack and damage rolls and you drop the lowest.   This is the reason you play him. This spell is amazing and you should be taking advantage of it, if you are not you most likely should be playing something else.


Cost 4 range 8 AOE 3 models HIT become knocked down. This spell give him an assassination as you can use the minimum deviation rules to knock down an enemy caster and have a manifested destiny beast murder it.  A good spell but expensive.


FEAT/ playstyle

ethagHis feat is very defining for his play style, hence while I will discuss them at the same time.  After all friendly faction models have completed their activation this turn each war beast in his battle group may make a full advance followed by one basic melee attack.  Now the best way to play this is not obvious the most effective way of play him this is to use high speed beasts that can out threat an opponent hit them and then he feats and they back up out of retaliation range.  This makes him effectively a hit and run caster that also functions as a strong center piece as he is a MAT 7 power STR 18 piece.


List building ideas

Beast options



These are one of the better beasts with him, as their animus and his feat often mean they get to charge with armor piercing, repulse, and then back up.

Infantry options

Hell mouth

His arm buff on them is not terrible as the tentacles become arm 17 an immune to pow 11 and under non boosted attacks.

Sample list

  • Thagrosh 2
    • Angelius
    • Angelius
    • Carnivean
  • Wrong eye
    • Snap jaw
  • Hell mouth
  • Hell mouth
  • Spawning vessel
  • Forsaken
  • Forsaken
  • Gobber chef
  • Spell martyr


dragonThe idea behind this list is to have Thagrosh and a Carnivean by a hell mouth each for a hard target, the Angelius charge stay at max reach armor pierce, repulsion the enemy away, then they back up being 12 inches away. You have a hell mouth tentacle close by to where the angel will be with the gobber chef to take the fury off of that one. And they both will being in Wrong eyes control area so any enemies that can make it to them will have to hit angels while under star crossed.   Next turn, the spawning vessel is in as it is a good piece with the hellmouth as well as the tentacles generate corpses for it also it gives more lesser warbeasts for Thagorsh’s battle group and solos in which to contest zones etc.    This is a good hit and run strategy that is very effective.