It is always better to play with painted models. Dice roll better for them (not scientifically proven but still). They make the game more interesting to watch. A table with painted models are better then metal and plastic ones.

So, in order to help encourage our selves and others to paint more things, each month we will be choosing one type of model for all of us to work on and show at the end of the month. Below is the results of our labor.

From Scott T. we have Helga:



From Elliott R. We have Horgle2 and Sturm&Drang ( I am an over achiever):


From Piper Mac B the Father of all Convergence:

From Connor W. we have the Night Whisper herself


From John Martin we have Kaya2 and her favorite pup Laris:kaya2

Alison Jakes from Johnathon P.


Here is Butcher3 from Santiago L


For February, the goal is to have a Warjack or a Warbeast painted. It can be a  light, a heavy, a lesser, a pack or even one of the big guys. Just lets see those battle groups grow. Please have submissions in to us by Feb 24. Email: