-By: Vinny (VP18)

Week two of the JML went well for the noble Trollbloods, as they defeated the ever encroaching realm of man! The battle was hard fought, and the learning never stopped! I encountered my first shooty list and realized that every Warmahordes experience builds upon itself.

untitled10My opponent this week was Josh, who commanded Cygnar. Josh was also a new player, and, like me, this was only his second game, which was a bit worrying. I was concerned that we would have difficulty with rules and general game progression. However, I found that learning along with Josh, and occasionally seeking clarification from more knowledgeable players, who were more than willing to help, made it more pleasurable. Playing an equal in experience level helped the game feel more competitive, and less like I could be tabled in a round or two! Plus, the insecurity of slowing down the game too much for seasoned players was not there. We both had to dig through the rulebook several times and help each other locate the appropriate text. After the bout was completed, I was glad that none of my fears were validated, and the match was very enjoyable.

This week’s match was ten points, and the scenario was Trial by Fire, where points were accumulated by pushing opponent’s models out of a twelve inch circled located in the center of the board while keeping in your own. The scoring started bottom of round two, and first to five was the victor. As always killing the opposing ‘Caster also landed a win. Josh’s army consisted of Maddox, two Fireflies, a Lancer, and an Iron clad. Ragnor controlled an Impaler, Axer, and Earthborn Dire Troll, with a Runbearer lending his support. The starting roll enabled me to choose turn order, and I decided to go second in hopes of scoring first.

ragnor-skysplitter-the-runemaster_andrea-uderzo-14oct15After setup, we started our race to the center. I took advantage of a forest off to one side of the circle by camping my Impaler and Axer within it, hoping to make it tougher for the Fireflies to do any damage. The Earthborn Dire Troll, not being afraid of lightning and overall a tougher opponent, stayed close by the Impaler, but out of the forest. Ragnor and his Runebearer sat back behind the Earthborn. Josh setup his Ironclad and one Firely behind a wall. Maddox and the second Firefly stayed at a comfortable distance while the Lancer charged forward.

By turn three the lone Lancer smashed into the Impaler, damaging but not destroying the ‘Beast. A Firefly attempted to shoot into the melee, but almost hit the Lancer. The second Firefly was in range of the Earthborn, but its electric attacks could not damage the larger Troll. On my turn, the Earthborn and Impaler made short work of the Lancer, mainly due to the plus strength on the Earthborn granted by Ragnor’s spell. The Axer remained in the forest. A charge at the closest Firefly would have put the ‘Beast out of control range and in charge distance of the Firefly’s supporting Ironclad.

768d2d9632c2c210ccf8a0465cc22d62With the Lancer down, the Ironclad roared in next, but again was only able to do minimal damage to the Impaler. The Fireflies continued to shoot, with Maddox also lending some firepower, but were unable to finish off the Impaler and did little damage to the Earthborn. On the Troll’s turn, the Ironclad was destroyed, but I made a critical error: I left my Warlock out the open. The remaining Fireflies and Maddox ran forward, fired, and almost killed Ragnor! The Warlock hung on, but was forced to retreat.

The Earthborn finished off one Firefly, and the Impaler engaged the other, the Axer close behind to lend assistance.

Maddox, seeing Ragnor was out of range and dug-in with a fanatical Runebearer standing between the two, decided to go out in glory! With a shriek that could impress a Fell Caller, she charged the Earthborn. Although unsuccessful in slaying the beast, and ultimately meeting her demise from that same Earthborn, she gained the respect of Ragnor and his Battlegroup! With one victory under his belt, Ragnor moved on to planning his next battle, looking to add Fennblades and a Kriel Stone to his army.

It was a great game! It helped to cement some rules and lessons I missed last game, and reinforced that there is still a lot to learn! I was proud that I did not mess up the spell ranges. Also my forces moved up together rather than spread out, a tactic that allowed for quick elimination of both the Lancer and the Ironclad. Yet, there was plenty I got wrong as well. I played the Earthborn as Fury five instead of four, didn’t realize that the Impaler’s critical slam also knocked down the opponent, forgot to use Ragnor’s Feat, and the Runebearer only assisted with one spell the entire game. Hopefully these mistakes will be corrected quickly, but I realize the weeks ahead will only get tougher. In week three, an additional fifteen points are tacked onto the list, for a total of twenty-five. Min units of both Fennblades for punch and a Kriel Stone for greater survivability will give me a chance to see how units work, but also adds a more things to figure out. To ease with extra rules, I am going to stick with Ragnor as my familiarity with his spells and abilities allows me to focus on new models.

I am eager for the day I can play the perfect game! There are still lots of matches ahead before I get close to that, but I am continuing to have fun and cannot wait to play again!

Thanks for reading!