-By: Elliott (PG_E2lio2tR)

Alright! You did enough damage to remove that annoying model from the game that has been holding you up from scoring the zone…. But they have a tough roll…. When does that happen? Well, that is what we will be talking about today. When a model is damaged enough to be removed from the table, there is a order of steps that actually happen to a model before hand. These are Disable, Boxed and then Destroyed.

Simple, easy to remember and straightforward. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!


When do these different steps actually happen? Since there are effects that happen at during these different steps, it is important to know the order to do them.

When all of the damage boxes on a model are filled, or if the model is damaged at all when it does not have a damage box, the model becomes classified as Disabled. During this step you activate any ability that are triggered by being in this state of play. One such ability that is rather common is Tough. If any ability that is triggered during this step would heal the model it is no longer considered Disabled.

If the model is still disabled after all abilities and effects are activated, then the model is considered Boxed. You repeat the same steps here. Once you activate all effects and abilities in this step, if it is still considered Boxed, then it becomes Destroyed.

The Destroyed step is actually the clearest one. You activate all abilities that are caused from being destroyed, mark abilities that are caused by models destroyed within a range of the model with the rule (Righteous Vengeance, Soul/Corpse token collection) and remove the destroyed model from the table. From here you move on to the next model, attack, activation, what have you.

39f1a8f905ae5c14bf013d0f7b038f0e15b51907e208c83bffab42e122393a93Now, models that go through all of these steps can be brought back to the game via spells/feats that bring models back to play. The High Reclaimer’s feat and Morvahna1’s spell Regrowth are good examples of this effect. However, if something has an effect that states “Removes from Play”, this changes. Models hit by an effect like this are removed from the game and will not be able to returned from spells, feats, or any other effects.  A model can be Removed from Play either before or at the Destroyed step. If it happens before a model is Destroyed, then it will not generate a Soul or Corpse token. This is a good way to mess with the plans of some Casters and how they are designed to function on the table.  

So just to take a clear look at the order of this all

  1. Damage a model so that it has no health left
  2. Damaged model becomes DISABLED
    1. Effects that activate on a model being Disabled are activated (ex: Tough)
    2. If a model is healed it is no longer Disabled
  3. If the mode is still Disabled, model becomes BOXED
    1. Activate effects that activate on a model being Boxed
    2. If a model is healed it is no longer Disabled or Boxed
  4. If a model is still Boxed model becomes DESTROYED
    1. Activate effects that are triggered by a model being Destroyed
    2. Removed Destroyed model from the table.

There you have it. A quick and dirty break down of the rules around Disabled, Boxed, and Destroy. This can be a tricky process to players remembering the order they happen in. It is, however, a key part to remember for several of the effects that happen in a common game. Remember to read the rules of the models in your army and make sure you know when their rules are activated and which order things take place in. Also, remember to have fun.