-By: Elliott (PG_E2lio2tR)

Welcome back. I am glad I did not scare you away with the last post. That was a lot of information. The good thing about that is that it showed what was common to every card in the game. Today we are looking at something that is much easier to follow. The Spell/Feat card for Warcaster and Warlocks. These cards are broken down into two sides; the side with the spells and the side with the feat.  So, let’s jump in with the spells, shall we?


The Spell card lists all of the spells available to a Warcaster or Warlock (outside of the Animus they have access to from their battle group). The Spells’ stat line is broken down in this fashion:

  • COST: How much Fury or Focus needed to cast the spell
  • RNG: How far a model can target another model with this spell
  • AOE: If the spell has an Area of Effect
  • POW: The POWER of the spell
  • DUR: How long the spell will last
  • OFF: Is the spell offensive or not


The COST of a spell is how much of Focus or Fury a caster will need to spend in order to activate the spell. When they do, the amount indicated in this column is removed from the Focus/Fury left on the caster.

The RNG is the range of the spell. This functions a lot like those from Ranged weapons. Some spells have a RNG of Self. These spells can only target the caster of the spell. Some have a RNG of CTRL. If this is the caste the caster can target models in its Control Range (double their Focus or Fury in inches).

AOE is the Area of Effect for the spell. If it is an attack/offensive spell the number here will indicate the size of the AOE template used to determine the number of models affected. If the spell has an AOE of CTRL, all models in the caster’s Control Range are affected.

POW is the POWER of the spell. This is the number added to the damage roll of the spell. This is done much like attack damage rolls from Melee and Ranged Weapons.

DUR stands for the DURATION of a spell. This is how long a spell lasts. A spell with a DUR of Turn or Round will last for the indicated amount of time and then no longer be in effect till the next time it is cast. If the spell has a DUR of UP then the spell is an Upkeep spell. These spells can last several rounds of the game, but you will have to spend one (1) Focus or Fury per Upkeep spell each turn to do so. You can have several Upkeep spells up at a time but only one of each spell. So, you will not be able to put Arcane Shield up from Striker1 on several models. Once you recast the spell, the earlier versions of it are no longer in effect. A model may also only have one friendly upkeep spell and one enemy upkeep spell on it at a time. So, Daneneghra1 can not cast both Crippling Grasp and Parasite on a target. Once you cast a new upkeep on a target that you have another Upkeep spell on, the first one is removed.

OFF stands for OFFENSIVE. This is a very Binary choice. If the spell has the word NO in this column, then the spell cannot target enemy models. If the word YES is indicated, the spell can target friendly and enemy models. If the spell is an OFF spell, then you roll a Magic attack roll. To do so, roll 2d6 and add the models Focus/Fury stat and compare it to the targets DEF stat like any other attack roll.


Below all of this information is a description of what the spell actually does. Sometimes this is a fluffy blurb like with Razor wind (“A blade of wind slices through the target model”). Sometimes this is a bit more of a game mechanics thing like with Signs & Portents. You should read this part while learning about the caster as well as casting the spell in a game. Doing so, you will not miss any effects the spell causes while using it.


The back side of this card has the Feat for the Warcaster or Warlock. Like with the description of spells, it is best to review the text of the Feat to figure out the effect on the game while reviewing the model and during a game. Feats have a massive effect on a game and knowing when to “pop” it can mean the winning or losing of a game.

And there we have it. The last Card used for Warcasters and Warlocks. Just as a side note: With the announcement of the new Hordes faction, Grymkin, and their new ability known as Arcana, they may have a different layout for these last two cards. When they are official release in July, we will take a look at the faction as a whole as well as the card lay out for their Warlocks, known as the Defilers. Until then, get out there play some games and study the cards. More importantly than that, have fun.