-By: Jerry H. (PG_possiblyarowbot)

Every faction can play every play style, whether it be gunline, recursion, tanking, alpha striking, et al. They all perform those play styles in vastly different ways and to varying degrees of success.

skorneTo determine the best path you should take for your Journeyman League, figure out what it is you want to do. Where do you want to be for your 75 pts? If you choose to take a lot of warbeasts to capitalize on Xekaar’s Psychosurgery, Pursuit and Enrage , you may find some difficulty in week 4 if you switch to Mordikaar who needs souls and brings back infantry. So I’m going to take a look at a number of different directions in a series of posts to explore all your options. I’ll cover Melee focused (beast & infantry), Gunline, Recursion and even a list built out of a different faction!

For this entry, I’m going to focus on taking (almost) exclusively  melee warbeasts.


If you want to punch face, much of what you need was previously covered by Sc077y, but with one small problem: you cannot play more than 5 points under the weekly limit. He banked 7 points between weeks 4 and 5 and that’s a no-no. Since we aren’t taking the Karax in favor of more warbeasts, let’s readjust.

8ad00d0a187daa04The Agonizer on week 2 is great, but I also recommend the Cyclops Shaman. This model has been in most of my lists because it can cast other warbeasts’ animus. This lets us throw out multiple Rush without using up Xekaar’s fury. Craft Talisman lets us hit further away with spells and Ghost Shot lets him ignore LOS, concealment and cover when shooting. At this point we now have two lights that can shoot 14” away with POW 12. In a pinch, you can enrage the Shaman and send him with 2” melee range at POW 13. Now we’re only 2 points under.

Week 3

This is a big jump. Let’s add in the minimum unit of Beast handlers to deal with all our excess fury. A Rhinodon is not a bad option due to his Thresher (in case your opponents take infantry) and his +2 ARM Animus. However it does not leave room for a Bronzeback on week 4.

Week 4

Your choice for warlock swap depends on how you’ve built the list so far. If you’re going with my suggestions, Naaresh1 is the next best option as really lets your light warbeasts shine with his feat. You could just as easily switch to Morghoul1,  Xerxis1, Zaadesh1 or even Xerxis2 and have only a minor adjustment in how you play.

skorne2bpraetorian2bkaraxAt this point, we already have a fully loaded battlegroup and now we are filling in with support solos/units. Now we’ll add in the unit of Karax to serve as blockers for our warbeasts, max out the Beast Handlers.

You also have quite a bit of room to play. We could add in a Willbreaker to help with efficiency and the Void Spirit for solo hunting/massive damage vs living models, or you could even add in a second unit of beast handlers to whip Naaresh for a STR buff. You could also take a myriad of options for soul collecting when the Karax start dying. To keep things simple, I’m going to add the Will Breaker and a Void Spirit leaving me at 45 points.

Week 5

We’re still just filling with support options. Depending on what your group plays, you could go just about any direction. Adding in a Sentry gets you extra defense if you are losing your warbeasts early on. A Krea can help protect your army on the approach if you face a lot of gunlines. With my extra points I could add an Aradus soldier, but I’m partial to titans, so I’m adding in a Bronzeback

Week 6

Well, you’ve made it! It’s time to shore up any areas you feel need support. If you’re facing a lot of single-wound infantry, Bloodrunners (either the solo or the unit) can help. Non-infantry options for this include the Razor Worm, Reptile hounds and Scarab Pack. If you picked the Aradus Soldier in the previous week, against a large enough target, you could get the Scarab Pack up to POW 16, each, under Naaresh’s feat. If you played 4 points down, you could even add Molik Karn, a Weapon Master warbeast.

If you’re having trouble managing your fury, now is a good time to grab that second unit of Beast Handlers. If you’re doing really well utilizing Condition and Prodding, expand your battlegroup!


Here’s my week 6 list:

  • Master Ascetic Naaresh +32
    • Cyclops Raider 9
    • Cyclops Savage 7
    • Cyclops Shaman 8
    • Rhinodon 12
    • Titan Gladiator 15
    • Bronzeback Titan 18
    • Archidon 10
  • Void Spirit 4
  • Morthitheurge Willbreaker 4
  • Feralgeist 2
  • Paingiver Beast Handlers 7
  • Praetorian Karax 11


I added the Archidon for late game assassinations. The Feralgeist lets me take over destroyed enemy warbeasts or to get additional use out of my own when they die. I keep the Gladiator near the Bronzeback to remove the extra fury. The Shaman follows along behind and drops Rush onto the Bronzeback. The Raider, Savage and Void Spirit run clean up duty on infantry and solos.

There are other little tricks you can do with Naaresh, such as automatically hitting him with Beast Handlers (who do a minimum of 1 damage) to buff up his ARM and STR if you need to charge in after using Cyclone.

If we weren’t starting with the battlebox, I certainly would have made other choices. For example, the Raider is not ideal for punching faces, but the Agonizer is a much better fit for defense.

You’ll have to play around with some different builds. I recommend trying things on Vassal against yourself or others before committing to purchasing models.

Next time, we will focus on an infantry heavy build.