-By: Jerry H. (PG_possiblyarowbot)


skornecoverpreview-nggid03320-ngg0dyn-400x400x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010Last time I discussed building a massive battlegroup based around melee. In this entry, we’re sticking with melee, but I’m using infantry as our list-building guideline.

Because we are starting with a Warlock geared toward warbeasts, we should choose which warlock we want to switch to in week 4, and use that as our compass.
Hexeris 1, Makeda 1 & 2 are all good direct-support options for infantry. For this build, we’re going Cataphract heavy which means my goal is Xerxis 1. Between Defender’s Ward, Tactical Supremacy, his Feat, Battle Plan and Tactician [Faction Warrior] we have the makings of a fantastic list. He’s only Fury 5, though, so we’re going to have to take a turtling approach to make it up the field.

Week 2

We’re going straight to the Krea. Force Aura will help s against ranged heavy opponents. In a pinch, the Paralysis effect on her ranged weapon will help with assassinations or removing high DEF blockers.

Week 3

With our big jump, we’re shoving in a max unit of Cetrati. There high ARM, 5 life boxes and Tough make them difficult to kill. Set Defense gives more survivability against charges. Combined-Melee and Weapon Master not only make them a threat that needs removing, they’re versatile enough to deal with infantry and warbeasts/warjacks.

Week 4

Now it’s time to change up tactics. Xerxis does not play like Xekaar. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you take losses adjusting to such a drastic change.

75015_saxonorrik_webWe also have several different options for support. If you run into a lot of enemy spells from Cryx or a lot of knockdown, add Tyrant Vorkesh to the Cetrati or even the Merc Orin Midwinter. If you want to utilize Xerxies battle plans, but have trouble with terrain, add the Merc Saxin Orrik.

You could choose the Tyrant Commander unit but you can only be affected by one Battle Plan per turn. If you use Xerxis Battle plans on himself, take this unit to assist the Cetrati.

To get the best of both worlds, I’m adding Saxon and Vorkesh. I’m also adding Aptimus Marketh to gather the souls of fallen Cetrati. Xerxis can spend the souls to upkeep his spells. With the remaining points, I’m adding an Agonizer to help mitigate melee damage.

Week 5

With 20 points to spend, there are dozens of directions to go. Any infantry unit works fine with Xerxis due to his Spells and Abilities. At this point, I have too many warbeasts for Xerxis to efficiently utilize. A minimum unit of Beat Handlers fixes this.

I’m adding  in Tyrant Rhadeim for solo warcaster/lock hunting or massive damage output with his Armor piercing attack.

Thanks to Tactician, he can hide in the back until it’s time to strike or with March, walk up 10” then jump an additional 5”.

Week 6

For the last week, I want to do something crazy. I almost suggested Karax because they’re so cheap and DEF 14, ARM 21 with Defender’s Ward and Shield Wall.

However, I like to spread out my threat vectors. A min unit of Ferox would do this and work well with Rhadeim, but I’m going to take the Legends of Halaak. They have Sidestep, Relentless Charge and Defensive Line. Their baseline stats and abilities are good enough, I don’t have to divert spells and abilities toward them until I loose my Cetrati. With my last 4 points, a Void Spirit or Bloodrunner Master Tormentor are perfect fits. Under Xerxis’ feat, I could get either up to 5 dice of damage on a charge.

Here’s my final list:

  • Tyrant Xerxis +28
    • Aptimus Marketh 5
    • Basilisk Krea 7
    • Cyclops Raider 9
    • Cyclops Savage 7
    • Titan Gladiator 15
    • Agonizer 6
  • Saxon Orrik 4
  • Tyrant Rhadeim 9
  • Paingiver Bloodrunner Master Tormentor 4
  • Cataphract Cetrati (Max) 18
    • Tyrant Vorkesh 6
  • Paingiver Beasthandlers (Min) 5
  • Legends of Halaak 8


This combination provides a nice mix of tricks and damage output. Depending on the types of armies you face, you could make adjustment for a Shaman to double up coverage of the Krea’s Animus’.

You could take elements from this entry and the previous entry and do a nice mix of melee-centric warbeast and infantry.