-By: Jerry H. (PG_possiblyarowbot)

If you want to sit in the back and throw around offensive spells, you’ve got options. Rasheth, Hexeris 1, and Hexeris 2 all have at least one way of channeling whether it’s through a warbeast or a warrior. Mordikaar, Zaal 1 and Zaal 2 cannot, and therefore require more finesse. They’re also the soul collector Warlocks for the faction.

For this blog, we’re going to build what’s called a Recursion list. That’s a weird word to throw around for wargaming as its only definitions involve math or programming. Gamer’s use the term to mean continually bringing something back. In most cases, that means grunts.

Our Warlock for this task is Void Seer Mordikaar. In addition to bringing back grunts with Revive, he can create new Void Spirits if the Despoiler is in his control Area.

Our options for infantry can be any unit. Revive does not specify living, so even Immortals can be Revived, however, his spell, Hollow,  does specify living.

Week 2

I know I will eventually need some defensive capabilities for Mordikaar. I’m going to add in a Cyclops Brute for Shield Guard.

Week 3

Let’s add a full unit of Nihilators. This is a fairly good tarpit unit with a DEF of 13 and Tough. They can also remove large numbers of enemy infantry with Berserk, and the POW 12 Great Swords can actually do some damage vs other battleboxes.

Week 4

We can go lots of different directions at this point. First we’re going to switch our warlock to Mordikaar. It may be a little early, but I’m going to add in the Despoiler. I really want some free Void Spirits if I can get them. The free upkeep and the -2 ARM debuff from Dark Shroud are too good to pass up when all my opponents have probably added in additional heavies.

I also want to continue adding value to my unit, so I’m going to take a Tyrant Commander & Standard for the Battle Plans. Worst case, I’ve added in an additional 2-handed throw and a Weapon Master

Week 5

So many choices! We could bring in Immortals, Bloodrunners or any of the cheap units. I’m going to go in a non-standard direction and add a minimum unit of Praetorian Ferox. With the Tyrant, I could walk them up 10”, jump 5” and get boosted Mount attack rolls with them. On a charge they jump to POW 14 on their Spears.

Week 6

Time to cap this puppy off. I don’t have a great target for Essence Blast. I could also Max out the Ferox. I think for the final week I want to give myself some threat vectors.

I could use Hollow on the Ferox and take Hakaar to gain souls and Righteous Vengeance when the Nihilators go down. At this point, I’m not making great use of my Elite Cadre: Void Spirits, so I’m going to add in one and Tyrant Rhadeim. He gives the Ferox Dodge, and his Armor-Piercing attack can come in handy for dealing with heavy ARM targets.

The Void Spirit will have Killing Spree allowing him to march through enemy grunts with easy. He can even take a good chunk out of enemy warbeasts, or because he’s Incorporeal, I can use him for assassination runs.

The list ends up looking like:

  • Void Seer Mordikaar  +29
    • Cyclops Raider 9
    • Cyclops Savage 7
    • Titan Gladiator 15
    • Cyclops Brute 8
    • Despoiler 9
  • Tyrant Rhadeim  9
  • Void Spirit 4
  • Nihilators (max) 15
  • Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer  6
  • Praetorian Ferox (min) 12

How to play this list

The Nihilators are the center focus for delivering the rest of the army. If they get shot or hit by spells, they can be saved with Tough. If they make their rolls, the Tyrant can stand them back up with Reveille or Push them for +2 SPD on a Full advance. If they fail their Tough roll, Mordikaar gets their soul from Hollow and can Revive them the following turn.

Once it’s time to start engaging, the Ferox, Raider, Savage, Rhadeim and Void Spirit can go solo hunting or position themselves for a run. Be sure to leave some easy grunt targets for the Despoiler to create additional Void Spirits. Round 2-3 is when you want to use your feat. You want to be close enough that if they shoot you and miss, Poltergeist won’t push the enemy out of your charge range. If you aren’t already by this point, start spamming Manifest Void to raise the cost of enemy spells and deny them souls from their own models.

Don’t forget to use the Gladiator to slam low DEF targets into high DEF targets for easy takedowns or to clear charge lanes. For the most part, the warbeast will spend their advance behind the infantry

Problems you will run into include Grievous Wounds, Lamentation, Clouds and mass high ARM.

Be very familiar with all the little tricks your infantry can do.

  • Ferox get boosted charge attack rolls and don’t forget their Reposition and Dodge while within 10” of Rhadeim.

  • Rhadeim is a Dragoon, which means you get to use him twice (mounted/dismounted).

  • Souls Mordikaar collects turn into Fury during the Control Phase.

  • His RNG 10, AOE 3” gun has life drinker. If you kill multiple living models with that AOE, you get to heal D3 for each.

  • Essence Blast removes models from play. You cannot Revive grunts you remove from play. Be very picky when you choose to use that spell.

  • The Despoiler has Critical Brutal Damage. Boost with his Tail attacks.

Good luck. Remember, this is advanced level play. You’re still handicapped from the battlebox requirement so this list is not optimal. Don’t get frustrated and remember that you’ll have to play lots of games to really get good with recursion and attack vectors.