-By: Jerry H. (PG_possiblyarowbot)

For my last JML entry, we’re going to do something silly. This is a not a beginner friendly list. However, if you have the models or are interested in Minions without want to own the faction, Skorne has always been Minion friendly.

In the New Edition they are far less friendly as their spells and abilities now specify Faction models, but there are a few points where they edge out support over other factions.

We begin as we have, so many times, with the battlebox.

Week 2

Skorne now lacks very little in the way of direct support for anything that is not a Faction model. This forces us to go with indirect support in the form of enemy debuffs. For my addition to my battlegroup, I’m adding an Agonizer to help reduce enemy strength in melee

Week 3

58We’re diving right into it with a max unit of Gatorman Posse. This is a very versatile unit with good damage output and scenario potential.

Week 4

farrow-brigandsWe’re ramping up the silliness even further with a unit of Slaughterhousers and a minimum unit of Brigands with the Warlord attachment. With these two additions we add in a potential POW 14 gunline (vs their Prey) with built in Pathfinder and Tough. We also get a potentially massive output of damage from the Slaughterhousers’ Finisher ability.

Last, but not least, I’m going to add in the real support from a Paingiver Taskmaster. This solo supports minions in a number of ways. He can grant a solo/unit +2 STR, Tough or Reposition. Since all three of our units have Tough, he is free to use his other two abilities all while preventing Knockdown with No Sleeping on the Job.

If I swap warlocks now, I can’t add in the Taskmaster, so I’ll wait for week 5.

Week 5

We have several really good options the oldschool favorite was Rastheth due to his feat, Castigate and Blood Mark. I don’t have a good loadout to protect him nor do I have Faction models to channel. Hexeris 2 is a tempting choice due to Black SPot and the fact that Banishing Ward can be placed on a non-faction model. Hexeris 1 is similarly tempting.

I’m going to push the whacky to 11 by switching to Morghoul 2. Mortality and Blind are too useful to ignore. I’m also going to max out the Brigands and back fill with a second Taskmaster and a Mortitheurge Willbreaker as Puppet Master can be used on my minions.

Week 6

For the final week, I could go full gunline with Croak Raiders or Commandos. I do like the idea of self-contained mobile units, so I’m going to add in a Totem Hunter (more Prey). Sadly, I don’t have the points for Efaarit Scouts but I could add Saxon Orrik for Pathfinder. I think, though, I will add in River Raiders to further reduce an enemy’s STR and DEF.

Here’s the final list:

  • Lord Assassin Morghoul +29
    • Agonizer 6
    • Cyclops Savage 7
    • Titan Gladiator 15
    • Cyclops Raider 9
  • Paingiver Task Master 3
  • Paingiver Task Master 3
  • Mortitheurge Willbreaker 4
  • Totem Hunter 6
  • Swamp Gobber River Raiders 3 for 4
  • Gatorman Posse 17
  • Farrow Slaughterhousers 11
  • Farrow Brigands 15
    • Farrow Brigand Warlord 4

How does the list play?

We have several self-contained groups who have to work with little support. Under a best-case scenario, a target could have -2 DEF and ARM from Mortality, Blind from Morghoul’s Feat, and -2 DEF and STR from the River Raider’s Weaken. If you can stack all that onto a warcaster, his or her DEF would be 1 (base 5 from Blind, -4 from abilities). If the Brigands can get into range of a Prey target under Mortality, that’s 12 POW 16 (effectively) shots. Between the Taskmaster and Mortality, the Gatormen get 2 POW 17s (effectively), each.

The trouble will be delivering and effectively stacking everything necessary to accomplish these numbers. Getting Morghoul up the field to safely deliver spells is difficult. Aptimus Marketh would be a good substitution for the Totem Hunter as Marketh can cast Mortality and Flesh Hooks allowing Morghoul to stay in the back.

This list will definitely be weak against gunlines despite Dig In and Dirge of Mists. It could have a lot trouble vs high ARM warjack lists and many abilities specify living enemy models. Other trouble spots include opponents with heavy debuffs (Cryx) or anything that can make terrain (Winter Guard Gun Carriage).

Otherwise, you can have fun using the warbeasts and gatormen to soak up damage long enough to cycle through Prey targets for both the Totem Hunter and Brigands. This list definitely falls into the Assassination category but lacks significant support in defense or speed (Circle, Legion) or field manipulation (Rahn, Thexus) to consistently get the job done. If you win, great! If you lose, well that’s OK too so long as you’re having fun.

As always, I recommend testing out a list before investing in the models. If nothing else, I hope it gets you thinking outside the box.