By: Patrick M.

There has been a lot of excitement about our new colossal, the Hurricane, and with that excitement a lot of questions about which colossal should you be putting into your lists. The initial love of the Hurricane’s slamming guns has waned a bit with the realization that if you ever have to play against Cygnar, or anything else that is electrical immune, you will probably not be able to control the battlefield like you want too. A lot of people are reverting back to putting a Stormwall into their lists, just because of this. Does this mean our new colossal doesn’t really have a place? I don’t think so, it just has a very different place than the Stormwall does.

944560So let’s start by going over the Hurricane. The major difference it has from the Stormwall are in it’s guns. Instead of Big Guns it has Storm Emitters. Which are range 12 pow 16 electrical damage typed guns. They knock down any model hit, and slam any medium or small base model d3 inches away. This gun is fantastic. Range 12 might seem like a issue, but with ready access to snipe and control effects that can be used to either extend its range, or protect it after shooting, this shouldn’t be a issue. It also has two cannons that are range 14 pow 13. Very respectable guns that when boosted will do damage to most things. They will chip in on armor 20 jacks, and kill solos reliably.

Looking at it’s melee output, it is identical to the Stormwall except instead of having Electro-leap on it’s fists, it has Cortex Damage, so every time you hit a warjack with a melee attack it will loose a cortex box. This might not seem great, but it will be effective when fighting another colossal, or when you can’t kill the heavies that are jamming you up. With three focus you can take out 5 cortex boxes, so you should be able to reliably cripple a couple heavies a turn with this guy. As with the Stormwall, you will struggle to one round another colossal, and sometimes other heavies.

Both our colossals have a “special ability” for lack of a better phrase, the Stormwall has the Storm Pod, and the Hurricane has the Arc Node special rule. Both of these things are great. One of the best uses of a colossal is using to to make a safe spot for your caster to stand. ( Usually right behind it) Since you can’t throw or slam a colossal this is usually a very safe spot to stand, however sometimes it is a issue getting line of sight from your caster to a target you want to cast a spell on. The Hurricane fixes this problem wonderfully. Arcing spells can be really easy with a huge base to cast them from. The only thing you will have to be careful of is getting your Hurricane engaged, since while it is engaged it can’t arc spells.

The Hurricane also has the unique rule Turbulence. When a model activates within 12 inches of it, the model looses flight for one round. This might seem more cute than good, but with Legion preferring to take their beasts with flight these days this rule might come up more than you think. It is also useful into Circle, since Una2 is still perfectly playable even after her nerf.

The Stormwall and the Hurricane have something in common despite all these differences, their primary strength is not in their melee or ranged damage output, but in their ability to help control the battlefield. I think this is the determining factor for which one you should be taking in a list. I will start by outlining what the role of the Hurricane is from my view point.

The Hurricane has the ability to reach out and knock down opponents, with two shots a turn. That is fantastic. It can also work as a range extender for all your control spells, allowing your caster to stay safe behind it. The Hurricane will shine when facing low model count armies, like Warjack or Warbeast spam. By using the Storm Emitters as more of a control mechanism instead of just straight damage you can knock down heavies, and slam smaller models away from you or into each other. This is especially strong when paired with a warcaster that has strong control elements like Haley2. If you knock down two heavies, and then use Haley2’s feat on them, they won’t be doing much at all that turn.

Another great use of the Hurricane’s main guns are for assassination. Having knockdown guns make assassination runs so much easier. Knockdown fixes issues with line of sight and high defense. It enables both ranged and melee assassination runs. It may seem like you would want the Storm Emitters targeting the opponent’s warcaster, but if you can clear a charge lane, or provide line of sight for the rest of the guns in your army, the Storm Emitter shot is not wasted targeting models other than the warcaster. Warcasters that come to mind that would benefit from having knock down guns in their assassination lists are Sloan, Caine2, Caine3, Stryker2, and Nemo3.

stormwallThe Stormwall is the polar opposite of the Hurricane when it comes to it’s control elements. The Stormwall excels at dealing with high model count armies. The primary method it uses are the two covering fire templates you get each turn. While pow 10 doesn’t outright kill a lot of things, the chance that your opponent loses 2-3 models out of a 10 man unit when they charge through a covering fire template is more than enough to deter them. Those 2-3 models might mean the difference in them killing the heavy they were charging with their weapon masters. The covering fire templates are more about deterring a opponent from trying to cross them. In melee the difference is similar. The Stormwall has electro-leap on it’s melee attacks. This allows it to clear a lot of infantry out in a turn. Usually MAT 6 would be a issue for hitting infantry, but if you’re killing two with each attack, having to boost to hit doesn’t seem so bad.

The Stormwall also has superior scenario control. The Storm Pod might be the best thing the Stormwall has. The ability to place a model to contest a zone for 3 turns is fantastic. It also doubles down on the Stormwall’s ability to kill infantry, since every model between it and the Stormwall takes a boostable pow 10 the turn the pod is place. If you are building a list that will be depending on scenario as it’s primary win condition, it is hard to not take the Stormwall, just for the Storm Pod.

So all that said, when should you be taking our new colossal? My personal favorite place for it right now is in a list that is built to take on warjack spam, and other low model count armies. Here is one that I am playing right now.

Heavy Metal

  • Haley2
    • Squire
    • Hurricane
    • Ironclad
    • Thorn
    • Charger
  • Journeyman Warcaster
    • Charger
  • Lieutenant Allison Jakes
    • Stormclad
  • Arlan Strangeways.

This list is built around using Haley2 and Jakes to extend the threat ranges on my heavies and get a alpha strike on my opponent. Then use Haley2’s feat to protect what I have committed. I hold the Hurricane back a bit, and use it to bully and control whatever I don’t go in after with the Ironclad and the Stormclad.

The Hurricane works great at it’s job, which is helping Haley2 survive, by hiding behind it when necessary, and providing even more control elements in a already control heavy list. The Storm Emitters might be the best control guns in the game. Having two attacks that knock down on hit is very powerful ability. Forcing your opponent to pay a focus or fury to have full functionality of their warjack or warbeast changes the odds of a heavy killing your Hurricane significantly. Combining a knockdown with Haley2’s feat is a disastrous combination for your opponent, being forced to forfeit your movement or your action from Haley2’s feat, and then deal with being knocked down is very taxing on your opponent’s resources. I also wouldn’t discount the ability to take flight away from models within 12 inches of the Hurricane either. Fyianna2 and Una2 have a strong presence in the meta right now.

Have fun playing our new colossal! I know I am!