-by: Patrick M.

    I recently traveled to The Geekery in Kansas City, (great store) had a great time playing, and really enjoyed the format. So I thought I would give it a write up to try and encourage others to give team tournaments a shot. First let’s go over the format.

    This event had 3 players on each team. Every round each team would play three individual games against an opposing team, and whoever won 2 of those games would get a team win. The team wins were what was counted for the next rounds pairing. Deciding who would play who when during a team match was very interesting. It sounds complex but it really went very smoothly. I will try and explain it as best I can.

    Each team would have a chance to look over the opposing team’s lists before deciding how they wanted to match their players against their opponents. After both teams had a chance to read lists and come up with a strategy the matching process would start. Each team captain would hold the three player sheets that belonged to his team. He would then pick one of his players and put that players sheet onto one of the three tables we would be playing on. Then the other team would do the same thing. Now, both teams have two of their player sheets left on in their hands, and both have placed one list face down on a one of the playing tables. Then the teams would pass their player sheets to each other, and select one of the two remaining players from the opposing team to play the player they had placed onto one of the tables. After that was done each team would have one player sheet left and those two players would end up playing each other. This allowed each team to essentially pick a match up and have one random match up, which is a pretty fair way to handle it I think. I really enjoyed this process. It was like adding a mini game before each round of the event. So now that you know how that works, let’s look at what my team brought to the event.

    My team tried to put some thought into our lists, and tried to make our lists compliment each others as best we could. We had a Circle, Mercenary, and Skorne (me) players on our team. Here are the casters we played.
Circle: Mosar, Krueger2

Mercanaires: Ossrum, Cyphon

Skorne: Zaadesh2, Makeda1
Overall we thought that the Mercenary player probably had the strongest pair out of our lists. He could cover a lot and had a decent game plan into just about anything. After that the Circle player had great control in Krueger2 and Mosar can do great on attrition and great on assassination. I am still new to Skorne, so I was planning on just playing Zaadesh2, and brought a troop spam Makeda1 list to present a question to my opponent. Do you think i am dropping my beast brick Zaadesh2 list or my troop spam Makeda1 list. I had no plan to play the Makeda1 list, we will see how that went. The overall plan was let our mercenary player look at the lists our opponents had, if he felt he could play into any of them then we would put either the Circle player or me on the table. That way we could get a decent match up, and make them choose which member of their team had to deal with the Mercenary player. We were hoping This would land us two favorable match ups. Onto the rounds!
Round 1

    Round one had us playing against a local team from KC. They had all decided to only play one list, so this made the pairing situation easier for us. They were playing:

    Cygnar: Caine1 in Sons of the Tempest with a bunch of gun mages

    Khador: Vlad1 with seven Marauders, Juggernaunt, and Behemoth being jack marshaled.

    Skorne: Zaadesh2 with two Aradus Soldiers, some other stuff and a unit of Reivers.

    Looking at their lists I was salavating wanting to play Zaadesh2 into the Caine1 player. His low power guns would do nothing to me, and since Zaadesh2 has Sacrificial Pawn, he would never be able to assassinate me. Our Circle player also was eyeing the cygnar player, since his Mosar list is good at killing infantry. In the end we decided to put down the Mercenary player first, and try and give him the opposing teams Skorne player, that way either I or our Circle player would get the Cygnar match up. The pairings ended up like this:

    Mosar vs Caine1

    Ossrum vs Zaadesh2

    Zaadesh2 vs Vlad1

    Overall pretty good, we were happy with the pairings. I didn’t feel confident I could chew through the nine heavies that my vlad1 opponent was bringing but I knew it would be a game. When the round started I looked over at our mercenary player and thought, “Why isn’t he playing his armor cracking Cyphon list into all those skorne heavies?” Turns out he spaced and accidentally dropped Ossrum instead, I could see he was concerned about it now. I was still confident he could do it, since he has some practice against me playing Zaadesh2 so he wasn’t going in blind. My game started out slow, with us kinda dancing outside of non feat turn threat ranges. I managed to get Tyrant Rhadeim onto his Jack Marshal and kill him, so Behemoth now didn’t have anyone controlling him. That was a huge swing in my favor. My opponent also made one critical mistake, instead of taking Behemoth and walking him into the zone, he walked him back to Vlad1 to try and get control of him again. This allowed me to score on both zones, two turns in a row, putting me to 4 Control Points. I managed to trade my heavies well, and win 5-0 on Scenario. Our Mercenary player also won 5-0 on Scenario, and our Circle player got 3 Control Points before killing Caine1. Overall a great round for us, 13 out of 15 possible Control Points for tie breaking, and we all got a win. Onto the next round!
    Round 2   

After a quick lunch break we got paired against a team from St. Louis. Here is what they brought.

Legion: Fyianna2, Abby2

Minions: Rask, Jaja

Skorne: Naaresh, Mordikar
We looked at the lists for a while, I decided I wanted nothing to do with the Skorne player, since he looked like he had been playing them a while and he likely knew the faction far better than I did. Their skorne player was playing ADR, and had a Mammoth and Hydra in both lists, so our Mercenary player thought Cyphon could handle that alright. In the end we decided to put me on the table, so I could dodge the skorne match up and hopefully do better into legion or minions. The pairings shook out like this:
Mosar vs Fyianna2

Makeda1 vs Rask

Cyphon vs Naaresh
But wait you say! Why is Makeda1 listed there? You said you had no intention of playing her! Well I made a dumb decision. Both of the minions players lists were basically the same. They were both built on six minium units of Gatormen Posse. I really thought that they hit hard, so I figured I couldn’t drop Zaadesh2 into it, since I didn’t have the volume of attacks needed to chew through all the gators. So I dropped my Makeda1 list, which has a lot of attacks, with two units of swordsmen, a unit of Ferox. This turned out to be a mistake. The Gatormen only get up to POW 16, which is still dice minus five on a Sentry, and my heavies can still reliably kill Gatormen, even when they have eight boxes. My game ground down to me not being able to kill Gatormen fast enough, and their ability to snack my troops letting them heal back up. I lost 5-0 on scenario. Our Mercenary player made a Beat Back mistake during his game that blocked one of his charge lances onto the Mammoth and ended up losing his game as well. I watched our Circle player almost pull out a win against the Legion player, but he ended up losing on scenario as well. We went 0-3 that round! Onto the last round!
Round 3

    We got paired up against the team from Joplin. We all know these guys and have a friendly rivalry with them. They tend to come to Springfield when we host tournaments and beat us, so we wanted to win this one! This is what they were playing:

    Cygnar: Caine3, Haley3

    Legion: Abby2, Rhyas

    Legion: Lylyth3, Fyianna2

    Looking at their lists I was wanting to try and get paired against the Cygnar player, or the Lylyth3 Legion player. I felt that Zaadesh2 could do well into either of those. No one on our team wanted to play against the Abby2/Rhyas player, since he is a very skilled opponent. We thought about it, and decided to put me down on the table and try and pair me into the scary Abby2/Rhyas player, since I am the weakest player on our team, and try and win by allowing our stronger players to avoid him. To our surprise they put Caine3 down on the table, but since they did this it allowed me to fall on the sword and play into Abby2, and allowed us to keep our Circle player out of the Caine3 match up, which worked out well for us. The pairings ended up like this:

    Zaadesh2 vs Abby2

    Mosar vs Fyianna2

    Ossrum vs Caine3

    My game ended very quickly. My opponent and myself knew that he needed to get conferred rage to trigger, in order to chew through my beasts, (He was playing Abby2 with a Archangel and a Blight Bringer) So I kept my Beast Handlers back, and I thought I kept Tyrant Rhadeim far enough back that it wouldn’t be an issue. However it turned out that Rhadiem was exactly just in range of Proteus, and after that drag he was exactly in range of a charge from Abby2. Which allowed him to trigger conferred rage, and get a Archangel onto Zaadesh2. I was playing Zaadesh2 very aggressively, trying to force him to commit to me. He killed Zaadesh2 top of two, with his last attack available to him. It was well played by my opponent. Our Mercenary player had a harrowing game against Caine3, but ended up being able to pull out the win, and our Circle player won on Scenario with less than four minutes left on his clock. Victory over Joplin! Yay!

    We ended up taking 3rd place, and our Circle player took home best painted! So it was a successful first outing for our team. We plan to travel more in the future, and had a amazing time playing this format. I would encourage all of you to give it a shot if you can. It really is super fun to play in a team environment like this.