It is always better to play with painted models. Dice roll better for them (not scientifically proven but still). They make the game more interesting to watch. A table with painted models are better then metal and plastic ones.

So, in order to help encourage our selves and others to paint more things, each month we will be choosing one type of model for all of us to work on and show at the end of the month. Below is the results of our labor.

From Gabriel J 

From Mohd J

From Tom C. 

From Eric T. 

From Brent C. 

From John O. 

From Mickey B. 

There you have it everyone. Another month with a munch of really well painted models.  The winner of this months drawing will be announced on our Facebook group.

For July the goal is Dealers Choice. This can be any thing you want it to be. Jack, solo, caster, unit, what ever you want. Only request is that if you submit a unit, please have it painted up to the minimum size of the unit.

Please have submissions in to us by July 26th. Email: