This marks our 100th post. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. We want to thank all of you for reading and helping make this blog and the FB group what it is today. When we started this we expected a hand full of people to join and fade away as they get move into being more experienced players. The thing was you guys didn’t move on. You stayed and helped the next group of new players. This is what we hoped for in all honestly and we are very glade to see it happening.

Over the next few months there may be small lulls in posts because of real world things popping up but we are still dedicated to bring you the best we can and helping new players and old. That is our mission and that is our goal.

If you are interested in joining our writing team, drop us a line in the FB group. We would love to have you. No experience needed at all. We will help you make sure you get the best results you can.

Once again thank you.