By: Jeremy H.
I’m going to take a break from my normal ramblings to yell at kids on my lawn about a different subject: measuring.

It’s kind of important considering how the game works.

This isn’t Yu-Gi-Oh. There’s no traps or surprises. The only unknown is what the result of any given dice roll is going to be or the choices your opponent will make.

Sure, it’s still supposed to be a casual game, but placement is part of strategy and there have been too many hurt feelings over disagreements in distances. Premeasuring has been a blessing.

I like to run clean games. I think others should too, and I try to teach everyone the best way to do so.

Have you every heard of the Parallax effect? Here’s the rundown:

Generally, when you hold your tape measure above the mini you are measuring from, your measurements, when viewed from the side, are way off. Unless you are standing directly over the tape measure at a perfect 90 degree angle, you’re probably going to be wrong. Either, you are under measuring (cheating yourself) or over measuring (cheating others).

The quick solution is to put the tape measure on the table, next to what you are measuring. This reduces the parallax effect. It isn’t always an option, though.

That’s also why I try to push widgets, hard. I probably do more measurements with my sticks than I do my tape. The errors in measurements between the two methods, I’ve discovered, can be… drastic. Tape measures are good for general measurements from a top down view, but not so great for accuracy.

I can taste the irony from here.

Always be as accurate as you can. Others will appreciate your consideration, and you can avoid arguments.

That way you can have a nice solid argument about why your opponent is a d-bag for bringing ghost fleet, again. It’s a crutch. Let it go.