Bt: Elliott R.

With the release of Grymkin, there came a new style of game altering effects called Arcana. These took the place of the traditional Feats that can be found on other Warlocks and Warcasters. Today we will take a quick look at Feats and Arcana. How they work and when they can be used.

Let’s start with the traditional Feat. These are massive game changing effects that can be used once per game by your Caster. In fluff terms, this is the caster expending a massive amount of their magic power to effect a large area.  This use of power take a lot out of the Caster, so It can only be used once per encounter (game).

In game terms, during your Caster’s activation, you are allowed to activate their feat at any time with a few exceptions. You are not allowed to activate it:

  1. When the Caster runs or will run in the activation
  2. Between an attack roll and a damage roll

Once the feat is activated, it stays active until the next turn OR when the Feat states that it is completed. Feats can not be removed by another player or dispelled.

These are kind of straightforward. Acrana on the other hand can be a bit more tricky. This is  a unique game mechanic for the Grymkin Casters. Instead of getting one feat that is unique to each Caster, each one gets three Arcana. One that is just theirs (called a Trump) and the two that are picked out by the player before the game starts. The Trump Arcana represent the sin that the Defiler (what a Warlock in Grymkin is called) did that caused Menoth to throw them into the pits of Urcean.

When you pick your caster, they each come with a Trump Arcana that they MUST take. Each one of these are unique to the Caster. You also get to choose two more from the pool of those available to all of the Casters. This is done after list selection in tournaments but before rolling to see who goes first and picking sides.

How they are activated is different as well. Unlike normal Feats, you have less control over when the Arcana is activated. Each one has a trigger action that your opponent must perform in order for you to activate the Arcana. While this may sound odd and hard to do (since they know what causes it they can just not do it) it actually more in line with the faction idea of we punish you for playing your game. These triggers range from damaging a model in the your battle group to missing an attack roll. These are things that will have to happen in a game either way and can really throw a wrench in the other players plan. Each trigger is listed in bold in the description of the Arcana. The effect will last as long as it is started to on the card.

Here is a step by step breakdown of it:

  1. Enemy performs trigger action
  2. You declare which Arcana you are activating
  3. Arcana takes effect
  4. Expires when it is stated to on the card.

There you have it.  A simple, and easy break down of both Feats and Arcana. When to activate them is a different story. One that would change depending on which one was being talked about. In this case, it will be covered during each casters article. But for now, get out there, play more games and have fun.